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Tips For Writing Effective IVR Scripts

posted Nov 04, 2010 19:35:37 by Evan
I've been given the job of writing the scripts for our new IVR system. Can anyone provide me with any tips and best practices to help us create an effective system?
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Harvey said Nov 04, 2010 20:57:38
Good question, Evan. A lot of people don't give too much thought to their IVR scripts but they forget that someone is going to need to LISTEN to them and in most cases will be in a bit of a hurry to get what or who they want, so you want to make your script economical and clear. There's a lot of good information on the website that you can search for via the Search tool on the right, but here's some basic points:
* Write for the ear
* Keep your phrasing as concise as possible
* Place extension numbers at the END of sentences rather than the beginning
* Avoid repeating the word “please” before each directive
* Avoid using the word “dial”
* Don’t include unnecessary symbols in your script
* Extension Numbers are best stated as separate digits
Check around the site for more detailed advice and keep your EARS open for what works and what doesn't.
AndrewBegnoche said Jan 21, 2011 20:05:11
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Download this free Guide to Writing Effective Message On Hold and Telephony Scripts

Also, check out these blog entries for some additional information.

Voice Prompt Script Tips
More Script Tips for Voice Prompts

Andy Begnoché
Director of Operations
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JulianneDurante said Jul 27, 2011 15:58:10
We also have a free Script Tips Compilation that features our best and most popular Script Tips. Like our scriptwriting guide, it's free to download.

It's great to use as a quick reference when you're writing audio marketing scripts.

Juli Durante
Marketing Associate
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